Forget about finding lost phones, now find anything with Tile

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Everyone knows how to find where they kept their phone there. It's simple, call your phone with your friend's phone and the ringtone will guide you to the edge of the sofa or under the pillows or whatever strange place it has slipped into. I always thought it would be great if I could call my bike that I couldn't find in the parking lot or call my lost wallet from another wallet and I was able to find it. It sounds fun but behind every desire there is a great business opportunity. The manufacturer of the tile app perceived and perceived it well.

They've built a small capsule-shaped device that you can attach to any object you want, whether it's your purse containing documents related to your divorce applications, or your dog always enjoying his escape skills. Once connected, you can monitor your thing with your smartphone.

Tile is a Bluetooth device that is smaller than a matchbox size and, like other great innovations, is also funded by crowdfunding.

You may be asked to recharge this device as recharging the phone every day is a problem. But this device actually works for a year after which you will be reminded of the company renewal of the device and will send you an envelope to recycle the old ones.

The app could have been a plus for the leonardo di Memento, but let him be happy with his polaroid camera, it can be a great assistant when you are running out of time on your way to the office and can't find your most important things .

What happens when the object moves out of the reach of your smartphone. It's simple, you can mark your item as a lost item and if it comes within range of any other tile in the world, it is tracked.

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