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Now with the new anniversary update, Windows 10 has enabled the sending of notifications between devices. In addition to the notifications of missed calls and text messages, which can be very useful if you are working and want to be notified on your PC who has called you on your phone, there are also other notifications such as your phone's battery is low. low notifications and various other apps.

Now to use this useful missed call alert feature in Windows 10, you must first enable it on your computer in Cortana's settings. You should also make sure that this sync setting is enabled on your Android phone. (Note that it's enabled by default on your phone device.)

How to enable missed call alert notification on your Windows 10 computer

Step 1: - First of all download and install the cortana app

from the Google Play Store on your phone

Step 2: - Open the application on your Android phone and log into your Microsoft account with the same account you use on your Windows 10 PC.

Also make sure it is enabled on your phone.

To check, click on three horizontal lines, once Cortana is open on your Android phone. Now, click on Settings.

Now, click on the additional notifications.

Now make sure the missed call notification is checked in the Cortana app on your phone.

Step 3: - Open Cortana and click on the gear-shaped settings icon, as shown in the image below.

Step 4: - Now scroll down and turn on the option that says to send notification between devices as shown above.

Step 5: - Now, for the first time, it will ask you to sign in. Just click login and it will be confirmed automatically.

Step 6: - Your laptop is now ready to receive missed call alerts from your Android phone. Make a missed call on your phone from any other phone. You will be notified immediately in the action center.

How to send text messages from your Windows 10 PC between phones

Step 1:- Just click on the missed call alert in the action center.

Step 2: - Now, edit the message or send the default message to the person who missed the call.

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