Gmail how to encrypt email with SecureGmail

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Gmail how to encrypt email with SecureGmail. Are you tired of waiting for Google to find a safe way for you to send and receive messages is to use.

Gmail how to encrypt email


First, you need to install the SecureGmail Chrome extension then update your Gmail page if it's already open. You will now see a new 'lock' button next to the 'Write' button.

Clicking on this 'lock' button will open an email composer, similar to the usual one, but with two changes. The header displays 'Secured' with a padlock next to 'New Message' and the 'Send' button changes to 'Send encrypted'.

Pressing the encrypted send button will open a new pop-up prompting you to enter a password - which can be used to decrypt the email - and a password hint which is optional.

The password must be shared with the recipient separately. the recipient will only see the password hint attached.

The recipient must also have the SecureGmail extension installed in order to be able to decrypt the message.

Since this is an extension for the Chrome browser, users who log into Gmail with another browser or on a smartphone will not be able to read the encrypted message.

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