Google Ads: what it is and how it works and how to create your first campaign

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Google Ads: what it is and how it works. Google Ads, the Google Web advertising service formerly known as Google AdWords

I will explain to you in detail how Google Ads works and how to take advantage of this platform to advertise your business online.

Google Ads: what it is

Google Ads is a service that allows you to insert advertising spaces on Google search pages or within YouTube videos, apps and websites that publish ads.

You only have to pay for the service if and when the ads are clicked by users.

Google Ads how it works

Google Ads how to start using the service

To start use Google Ads

  • Connect to 

  • presses the button IT BEGINS NOW located below  Post your ad on Google.
  • On the page that opens, enter in the text fields What is your e-mail address? What is your website? the e-mail address with which you want to register for the service and the domain of the website you want to appear in the ads.
  • Check the box Yes, I want personalized tips and advice to improve ad performance if you would like to receive advice on how to improve the performance of your ads or on No, I don't want personalized tips and advice to improve ad performance.
  • Then press the button Continue located at the bottom.
  • Log into your Google account if you haven't already
  • Once logged in, you will be directed to the page to create Your first campaign, advertising with Google Ads.

How to set up your first campaign on Google ADS

1. Definition of expenditure:

specify the amount how much you would like to spend per day if the forecasts regarding the potential daily coverage satisfy you, press the button Save.

2. Choose a target audience:

presses the icon of pencil located in correspondence with the item Location to define the geographical area in which to show your ad (eg. Spain) and click on Save. Then, he clicks on the icon of the pencil located in correspondence with the item Networks, so as to define whether or not to include the sites of the Google Display Network, and then click again on Save.

Now you have to carefully choose 15/20 keywords to use to activate the publication of the ad:

click on the link Select keywords located in correspondence with the item Keywords, presses on (X)corresponding to the default keywords proposed and possibly add others by typing them in the typing bar placed at the bottom (remembering to separate them with a comma) and then pressing on Add. When you have entered the keywords that seem best suited to the ad you want to publish, press the button again Save.

3. Set the offer, decide whether to automatically set your offers to Google Ads to get as many clicks as possible from your budget or whether to do it manually: press the icon of the pencil located in correspondence with the item Discount, check the box Google Ads automatically sets your bids to help you get as many clicks as possible within your budget o I manually set my bids and, also defined this detail, presses the blue button Save.

4. Write the ad, proceed to the actual creation of the announcement by writing the text in the box Text ads: then fill in the fields Landing page1 title2 title Technical Information with all the information you want to show in the ad and, after seeing the preview on the right, press the button Save.

Review all the characteristics of the ad inserted and click on the button  Save and continue to go to the next step.

Now, you will need to enter your listing's billing and payment information. Fill in  Customer information, Method of payment, done pressing on the button Complete and create the ad And that's it.

Now when a user searches on Google and sees your ad (based on the keywords you have previously set), you will pay the daily budget you have chosen only if they click on the ad created.

Google ADS su smartphone e tablet

Now you can check your created ads and your campaigns even directly from your mobile device by downloading the official Google ADS app both on and 

Here you can change the baget of your campaigns, pause them but above all see their progress and results.


If you have other questions about Google Ads, you can receive more information on how Google Ads works by contacting customer service at the number 800 597 494, available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00.

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