Google Calendar: How to import an iCal or .ics file

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Google Calendar how to import an iCal or .ics. People associate the iCalendar format with Apple products, but it's actually an open standard. This means that both iCalendar downloads and iCalendar URLs work well with Google's online calendar, although the way to add them is a bit hidden. Here's a quick explainer, so you can quickly add that file or URL to your Google Calendar.

Importare a file iCalendar dal computer

Importing iCalendar files is simple, but the functionality is somewhat hidden. Open Google Calendar, then look at the left panel. You will see two lists of calendars there: “My calendars” and “Other calendars”.

To import an iCal file, you need to click the arrow button next to “Other calendars”, then select the “Import” option.

A pop-up window asking which file you want to import and which calendar you want to add file appointments to. If you want events added to your calendar, create a new calendar before importing.

Once everything is set up, click "Import". You should see the changes immediately.


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