Google Classroom: how it works and how to use it for teachers and students

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Google Classroom is used by over 100 million teachers and students around the world for online learning. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Google Classroom is one of the best free online learning platforms. Simplify file sharing between teachers and students.

Google Classroom creates an online space where teachers and students can communicate with each other. For example, Google Classroom can help create a common forum where students can share learning outcomes with their teachers.

Teachers can also create and assign assignments to their students. It also allows teachers to receive assignments and quickly evaluate student work. Put simply, Google Classroom is an all-in-one center for online learning.

How to access Google Classroom

There are a few ways to access Google Classroom. First, teachers from an accredited school can choose to create their own school account. Access is then granted to the teacher's students using the respective school's account. An example of student account access is Parents and guardians can also log into the platform using their Google accounts.

Regardless of how you want to use Google Classroom, you need to sign in to use Google Classroom. Here's how to sign into Google Classroom.

  • On your browser, go to. Select the Go to Classroom option
  • Enter the email you want to use for your Google Classroom account. Click the button NEXT .
  • Enter yours, then click Forward.
  • Finally, click on the option Get started for free .

Create and edit a course in Google Classroom

Teachers must create courses to use Google Classroom. Below is a diagram on how to create and modify classes.

  • Click on the + icon at the right end of your Google Classroom account. Select the option Create class.
  • Enter your class details. Some of the details you need to enter in this part include the class name, section, subject, and room.
  • After entering your class details, click on the option Created.

How to edit your lessons

  • In the top navigation menu, select Course work, then click View assignment .
  • Then, select the class document you want to edit.
  • There are two options for editing the class document. You can choose to edit your document with Google Docs by selecting the Google Docs option.
  • You can download your class document and edit with Microsoft Word by clicking the download icon on the right side of the screen. The document will be automatically downloaded to your device in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Add students to your Google Classroom

  • In the top navigation menu, select the tab People .
  • To add students to your class, click the icon Add user next to Students. You can choose to send students an invitation link by email or add students from the school directory. Once students accept the class invitation, they will automatically be added to your class.

Show students how to join your class

There are three ways to invite students to join Google Classroom.

  1. Request students to join your class by logging into the student account sent by email.
  2. You can share your course code with your students. Students will need to access your class page with the correct code. Reset the code if your students cannot access the code.
  3. Send an invitation link to your students. Each student can then click the link to join your class.

Note that you must be using the latest version of Google Classroom to access this feature.

Invite tutors and email students

You can choose to invite tutors to Google Classroom and send an email to your students. Here's how you can invite guardians to your Google class.

  • In the top navigation menu, click on the tab People . As you scroll down the student list, click Invite guardians.
  • Type in their name or email address. You can also use multiple guardian emails for that student, separated by a comma. It is best to have each guardian's name on your computer or contact list so it will be easier to create a list of guardians you would like to invite to your class.
  • Click on the option Invite to invite the guardian (s).

Once a guardian accepts the email invitation, both you and the student will receive a confirmation email. Tutors can only join your class after they accept your invitation.

How to send an email to a student

  • Select the class you want to send an email to. At the top, select the tab People .
  • To send an email to a student, click Other next to the student's name, then click Email student . To send an email to multiple students or the entire class, check the box next to the student's name.
  • At the top, click Actions , then click E-mail .
  • Enter the subject, your message and click on Send . You can also attach files, photos or links to your message.

Communicate on the stream in Google Classroom with Student View

The stream is the area of ​​Google Classroom where information is shared and course updates are made.

  • In the menu of browsing in top, select the tab Stream.
  • You can select specific students you want to communicate with via the Students view. Alternatively, you can select all students in your class if you need to communicate with the entire class.

Adding resources and materials to Google Classroom

Teachers can add learning resources to their Google Classroom account. Students can then access the learning resources and materials after logging into their teachers' school account.

To add assets and materials to your Google Classroom page, open your Google Classroom page. In the top navigation menu, click the Course Work tab.

Select Material and enter the title and description (optional) of your learning resource. You can then upload the learning material from your Google Drive device or provide a link to a video.

Creating an assignment in Google Classroom

  • Open your Google Classroom page.
  • In the top navigation menu, click on the tab Works of course .
  • Click on the option Crea at the top of the screen and select assignment .
  • Enter the title and instructions (optional) of your assignment. You can also upload an attachment from the drive or device or provide a link to a video.

Grade homework in Google Classroom

You can use the Google Classroom grading tool to give your students a numerical grade. In addition to evaluating your students, you can also provide them with feedback on their performance.

Open a student assignment by clicking Course Work at the top, click the assignment you want to grade, then click View Details.

In the evaluation tool, the default evaluation denominator is 100 points. You can change the points to any integer greater than 0. You can also choose to return an ungraded assignment.

Student's view of the returned assignment

Here's how to view returned work on Google Classroom as a student.

  • Go to your Google Classroom page
  • At the top, click Course work . Select the returned assignment you want to view.
  • Click on the option View assignment.
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