Google earth pro how to download and its functions

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Google earth pro how to download and its functions. Google Earth Pro: displays levels with demographic, cadastral and traffic data; use advanced GIS data import features to your advantage; measure area, radius and circumference at ground level; high resolution screenshot printing; make interesting offline movies to share.

The professional version of one of the most popular Google applications offers virtual travel video recording and GIS information visualization tools. Google Earth Pro is ideal for a geo-referenced professional activity and impressive renders of your projects.

If you have an architectural firm, for example, you can use it to search for locations, import your site plans, and then share the view with clients and colleagues. Those who want to start a commercial activity, on the other hand, can use it to study and present the geospatial distribution of their target or competitors.

A very interesting feature is the ability to record videos of your virtual movements around the world, an original feature to illustrate travels or give an address or make an impressive presentation, but now also available in the standard version of Google Earth.

Google Earth Pro allows you to view geospatial coordinates, importing up to 2500 locations per address from a spreadsheet or from SHP and TAB files.

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