Google: how to best use the search engine

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Google: how to best use the search engine. do you know how to get the most out of google search? Until you've read it, our guess is "no," so check out our Google search tips to make your digital life easier.

Google: how to best use the search engine

Look for exact phrases

If you are looking for an exact phrase, use the quotation marks around the keywords to see results that contain the exact phrase. For example, "how to speed up computer"

Exclude a word

If your search terms contain a keyword with multiple meanings, you can exclude one of the meanings by adding a hyphen (-) before the keyword. For example, the martian - book

Search on a specific domain

You can search within a particular URL by including the term site: before or after your keywords.

Generate similar content

To generate content similar to that found on an already known URL, use the related: before adding the URL.

Look for words in copy of the body

To retrieve pages where all keywords appear in the body of the page, type allintext: before the search term.

Find pages linking specific URLs

Type link: before a URL name and all the pages on Google that link them will be shown. This is especially useful for SEOs who are looking for backlinks to a specific page.

Perform the calculations on Google Search

You can just type in the equation and get the result immediately. You can use the letter "x" or "*" as the multiplication symbol on the PC, while "/" is the division symbol.PC, and "/" is the division symbol.

Search by file type

If you are looking for a specific file on the web, you can use the filetype: operator to specify the specific document type you are looking for and Google to restrict the results to pages containing those document types.

Find your public IP address

Do you need the IP address? Type ip address. Simple.

You don't need a dictionary; Just ask Google

Type defines followed by the word you want to know the meaning.

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