Google images: how to search for a photo on the internet

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How to search for a photo on Google either by typing the keyword or to perform a reverse search by uploading an image.

Thanks to Google images the search engine for finding photos it is easy to find what you are looking for either by keyword or by uploading an image and find the same or similar on the web.

In this article we will show you how to use Google images with keyword and reverse search.

Search for photos by keyword on Google Images

Open your browser that you generally use on your mobile or computer and go to.

Now type the keyword related to the images you want to search in the appropriate field in the center of the screen as if you were using Google for searching the web and click on the button with the magnifying glass next to it.

Once done, Google will show you the results for that word you searched for, for example if you searched for "flowers" you will be shown all the images relating to that query.

Above the photos you will find tags related to the keyword entered, which allow you to further refine the search results.

If you want to have more options you can use the tools section above.

Thanks to these rumors:

  • Dimensions:
  • Color
  • Rights of use
  • Market
  • Time
  • Other tools

You will be able to refine your image search through Google.

When you have found the image of your interest, click on it to view it in a larger way.

At that point you can decide, by pressing the buttons next to it, whether to directly open the website on which it was published (the button with the name Web), whether to share the image on social networks (the Share), if you want to add the photo to your favorite images (the add to) or whether to access the image collections (the Collecteda).

If you want to save the image from your computer click with the right mouse button on the photo and select from the menu Save image as .. If you are using your smartphone or tablet make a long press on it and press the option save image or download image.

Search photos by reverse search on Google Images

reverse search a photo with Google you will have to press on icona della macchina photography in the search bar of Google Images. On a smartphone you will have to go to the browser settings and request the desktop version otherwise this icon will not be visible.

Reverse search allows you to search directly from an image you want. This is useful if you want to know if a photo is present on the web or if you want to find photos similar to it.

Once you click on the camera icon you can paste the URL of the image and Upload an image directly from your computer or gallery of your smartphone or tablet.

Google Images will search for that image if it exists on the web or will show you similar searches.

Also in this case, once the search results have appeared, you can press the Tools button at the top to refine it based on the parameters shown first as if it were an image search with keyword.


As you can see, searching for photos online with Google Images is simple both through a keyword and with the reverse search. You will surely find the photo you want.

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