Google images - tricks to upload photos to Google in the best possible way

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Google Images tricks to find them at their best. In the special section which returns results taken from websites.

When you are on the page of Google Images you will have many tools for search your photos as best you can below we will try to explain it.

Google image search

You can open the "research tools”At the top and create gods filters very sophisticated.
For example, you can search for images of only a certain one greatness or with certain colors specific or focus results only on photos, faces, drawings, or clip art.
As with any Google search, you can use advanced search syntax to narrow your results.
To find the other options choose "Advanced Search”From the gear menu at the top right.

Search images for copyright and usage rights.

After entering the search term, click on "search tools" in the menu bar and then on "usage rights”To choose the license of the images to find.

Search using similar images from your own image

is an innovative function that allows you to upload your own file to search for images similar to the one owned.
From the main page of Google Images, you have to click on the camera icon to upload an image from your computer or to paste the URL of an image found on the internet.

To find images similar to those found, you just need to zoom in on an image, press the details button and then click the “Visually similar images” link.

Google image search for file types

In advanced Google image search is that of the file type or the format, including JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, SVG, ICO.

Alternatively, if you need a png file, you can also type sweet filetype: png in the search bar.
You can use the filetype operator to search for any type of image or file.

Four ways to search through images

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