Google Speed ​​Test: check your ADSL and FIBER speed

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Speed ​​Test Google Internet speed test. Google today offers ADSL and FIBER speed control directly in its searches.

Thanks to this service it is possible to calculate the speed of our Fiber or ADSL both in Download in that Upload.

Speed ​​Test Google Internet speed test

Check your connection speed in less than 30 seconds. Typically, the test transfers less than 40MB of data, but may transfer more on a fast connection.

To perform the test, you will be connected to (M-Lab), with which your IP address will be shared. M-Lab runs the test and publishes all results to promote research on the Internet. The published information includes the IP address of each device, but not data relating to Internet users.

To run the test, just type in google search Speed Test Google or

Click on the button Run speed tests. At this point the test on the speed of our connection will begin, both in download and both in upload. At the end of the verification we will be shown the results and useful information on what you can do with your ADSL or FIBER network.

Also discover on the internet to make a counter test of the speed of your line.

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