Google Stadia: what is the Google gaming platform and how it works

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is a cloud-based gaming platform. It is not a physical thing you will not have to buy any console from Google, you will be able to play games on your PC or laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone and even smart TV.

You will not have to update your computer if it is not too powerful the Google cloud will make it run for you. What you will need is a high speed fiber internet connection.

Google Stadia: how it works

Stadia will be able to stream games in 4K HDR at 60fps. To make this possible, AMD has created a custom GPU for Google that is more powerful than the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It is possible to use the available controllers or, like on a computer, the mouse and keyboard keys.

But if these do not satisfy you, Google has a dedicated controller ready that you can buy to play the games better through Stadia.

Youtube will be integrated into Stadia and viewing a game movie or a trailer of the same you can click on Play Now to be immediately catapulted into the game itself and start playing.

Watch this video of the presentation to learn more:

Google will launch Stadia in 2019 and has promised more details will be available this summer. We know that Stadia will launch first in the US, Canada, the UK and most of Europe (hopefully Spain as well), but we don't know what the price will be yet.


Stadia will be the revolution of digital gaming via the cloud. It allows you to play anywhere on any device and not having to buy a dedicated console to do so.

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