Green Room: how to test audio and video quality on Meet

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Google Meet now has a new feature called "green room". Now you can make sure you have the best video and audio setup before joining a Google Meet call. Google Meet has added a new feature that will allow you to test your audiovisual quality before joining a call.

Google Meet Green Room what it is and how it works

Before joining a Google Meet call, you'll see a button Check audio and video. Click on it and the “green room” opens, where you can preview audio and video.

In this space you can confirm that all your peripherals are connected, that your network connectivity is stable and to test the noise canceling function.

This is more advanced than the existing feature which simply displays a preview of the webcam.

If a problem is found, a warning will be displayed giving suggestions on how to fix it. For example, your microphone may be muted, there may be an annoying background noise that you are unaware of, or you have selected the wrong output device.

NB: This new feature is being rolled out and will be available to anyone using Google Workspace and G Suite in the coming days.

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