How do you see who saves your photos on Instagram

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Want to see who saves your photos on Instagram?

How do you see who saves your photos on Instagram? It will have happened to you, if you use the popular social network dedicated to photography, to ask yourself this question. In this guide you will find the answer and you will find out new features di Instagram.

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How do you see who saves your photos on Instagram

Find out who save yours photo su Instagram it is less complicated than it seems. First of all you need to know that your profile is required Instagram is connected to a Facebook page . "Corporate".

To make yours Facebook page ., just go between settings of yours Profile located in high a right, and click create a page.

All the options to set up your page. choose the category, give a name to your page and press it begins. From this moment you will be followed step by step to insert all the contents.

Now that's yours page è ready you can link your account Instagram, like this every time you publish one new photo, the same will appear on Facebook, and you can see how many the view, they save it and share it.

connect Profile Instagram a Facebook page simply go to the Instagram account settings, click on the item "Go to company profile" from here you look for the page you created and that's it.

From this moment it will be possible, through some statistics, to view everything that happens on your images.

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