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How do you use Snapchat?

Have you downloaded the Snapchat application on your smartphone but have not yet figured out how to move on social media? Don't worry: if you don't know how do you use Snapchat, we have a guide for you that will guide you step by step.

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Steps required to understand how Snapchat is used

If you don't know how do you use Snapchat here are some very simple instructions:
take a selfie on the social network you will have to, after starting Snapchat, click on the camera icon, at the top right and press the round button located in the center of the screen (just like in the phone's Camera app). Then touch your face on the smartphone screen and you will see special effects appear: apply them in real time to your image.

Well, now swipe your finger (from right to left) on the smartphone screen and choose one of the many filters available within the app.
By pressing on the screen, you know that you will then be able to add writings / captions to personalize your photos even more. The icon of the post-it, positioned at the top right allows you to add emojis and stickers to your selfie.
In the lower part, on the left, we then find several icons: the timer icon allows you to set the maximum time for viewing the photo (from 1 to 10 seconds), the down arrow allows you to save the image in the memories, a square with the symbol "+" next to it allows you to add the photo to your story.

Speaking Stories, those on snapchat are montages of photos and videos, arranged in chronological order, which are automatically shared with all your friends for a maximum period of 24 hours.

Once you have created your selfie, you can "tap" on the arrow icon located at the bottom right and choose the friends to share it with. Finally, press the arrow icon located at the bottom right and it will be done.

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