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Dating chats are constantly evolving. Among these, Badoo certainly stands out, a portal born in 2006 and one of the 1000 most visited sites in the world.
More than 400 million people have already signed up, and they are not decreasing.
The site is an open portal (users register from all over the world) but you can choose the country and region where to search for your partner.

Today we will talk about this site and we will explain everything we know in detail.
Is useful? How much? How Badoo works? Let's find out in our simplified guide with practical and decisive tips to make your profile perfect.
Let's start!

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How Badoo works

Before delving into the world of the world's number 1 dating portal, it is good to make a small introduction.
Badoo is a site created to meet new people, in order to have more or less lasting relationships.
Love can be born, a friendship or it is possible to know a person only for occasional acquaintances.

It is not a Social like the others and if you post your photo there will be no friends to like it.
There are some real rules but above all those of morality exist.
A dating site is not a place to vent your frustrations or show your vices explicitly.
You are banned first, and with respect to the seriousness of the offense / act / photo you can also be reported to the appropriate forces.

Everything is clarified perfectly in its Faq.
“Badoo is a social network reserved for adults. Access to Badoo (and any of its features) is therefore only allowed to users aged 18 and over (the minimum registration age is subject to variation in the event that the user is resident in a country where the age of majority is reached after the age of 18) "

Su Badoo it is forbidden to publish, send or upload content:

  • that they contain swearing, offensive expressions or language that may annoy you, harassembarrass, frighten or disturb other members;
  • obscene, pornographic or that may in any other way harm the dignity of others;
  • abusive, abusive, threatening or inciting violence (on others or on oneself), suicide, racism, sexism, hatred or intolerance;
  • that encourage any illegal activity, including, but not limited to, acts of terrorism and incitement to racial hatred;
  • defamatory;
  • related to business (including sales, contests, advertisements, links to other websites or pay phone numbers);
  • involving the sending of unwanted mail or "spam";
  • aimed at impersonate someone, a brand or company with the intent to confuse or mislead;
  • that they contain spyware, adware, virus, corrupt files, worms or other malicious code designed to interrupt, damage or limit the functionality of any software, hardware, telecommunications tool, network, server or other equipment, or Trojan horses or other material intended to damage, interfere with, intercept o misappropriate personal data from Badoo or other sites;
  • infringing the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights and privacy rights);
  • depicting another person, if such were created and distributed without the knowledge of the person portrayed in them or without the person having the possibility to refuse such creation or distribution; or
  • that they contain pictures of children or depicting threats to children, even if an adult is present.With all this well understood, we can finally start and understand how Badoo works, how to register, how to create a user profile, how to search for a person and finally how to unsubscribe. Here we go!

How to sign up for Badoo

The first thing to do to become part of the portal users is to go to the Official Site.
It has an all-Spanish version, so we won't have any translation problems.
Finding out how to join Badoo is really immediate.
We can do it via Facebook (find out how to see who follows you on Facebook) Yandex, MSN etc ..or by filling in the required fields.

Once you have completed everything (or by logging in from Social) it will be sent to you an email to confirm to activate your profile.
Remember to look into Spam, in case you don't see a response from Badoo in the first twenty minutes of your operation.
After activating your profile, you can easily browse the site and take the first steps on social media to start looking for your soul mate.

How to create a Profile

To impress and get to the top right away, you need to have a complete and striking profile.
Those looking for you want to know something about you (don't leave the fields blank) but not everything (so don't write too much).
To change the settings of the Profile go up and click on the little man icon (after you insert the photo you will see your image).

Here you change the fields, with the advice we have left you before, and those that Badoo indicates to you.
At the top right you will find a score, if you have a score above 80 your profile is ready to go.
Very important to select I'm here for… And enter your location (which will allow you to be found by other users). How to use Badoo now is already simpler but let's move on.

How to search for a person on Badoo

To start looking for your soul mate press the item Meetings.
This will allow you to quickly get tips on people who have the same interests as you and you may begin to get to know.
As in other chat for meetings, when you view the profiles you can give a positive judgment (through the Heart button), an enthusiastic judgment (through the Sbandata button) or a negative judgment (through the X Button).

Another section you can use is the one dedicated to People around.
In this way you can select the geographical area, instead, you will be able to view other users close to your area with which you can start chatting. If any of these intrigue you, you can click on their photo to view their full profile and find out more details. If you want to refine your search, click on the lever symbol corresponding to the Dating item: you can customize your search more.

How to chat on Badoo

To talk to someone in Chat, you need to go to their personal profile.
Here you can contact her through the button Chat Now, which you find at the top right.
Among the options on Badoo there is also the possibility of making a Gift, Adding the desired person to your Favorites and the Security keys.
In fact, if you notice that the profile is a Fake, it has images that do not comply with the rules or you simply don't like it, you can decide the function Block.
The voice is also present Report, in this case you will give a warning to the Badoo developers who will check the profile of the person concerned.

Credits to Badoo

Badoo can be used for free but you will be very limited in your actions. How does Badoo work without credits? Much they say quite well, others are wrong.
Through i credits your Badoo profile will have more visibility and appear several times during the Meetings, bring your profile to the top of the search results and still point out your photo to all users in your area.
The figures range from € 9,99 up to € 49,90.

It has also recently been activated Badoo Premium which offers a number of extra options that basic users don't have access to, to give you that extra boost:

Who Likes You: See who voted 'Yes' to your profile during Meetings
Stealth Mode: Visit all Badoo profiles without them seeing you
Change your last vote: Undo the 'No's' you gave during the Match Game
Access Favorites: Find out who likes you the most
Contact Most Popular Users: Direct access to the most popular Badoo users
Contact Newcomers First: Start a conversation the moment they step onto Badoo
Highlight your messages: Always have your messages read first
Sticker: Access sticker packs

Together with these features, you will also be able to use Badoo completely ad-free.

Do Badoo for Mobile

The portal also has a Mobile version, or rather a proprietary App.
You can download it from the App Store, if you have an Ios system, and from the Play Store, if yours is an Android system.
The application works exactly like the site and is perhaps more immediate, even if the graphics are resized and the functions limited.


With our article we hope to have provided you with all the information to understand how Badoo works.
If you still have doubts you can always turn to the Faq section of the site.
If you have more questions you can ask them in the comments and on our Fan Page.
Have you already tried this Social? What are your impressions?

Visit our section dedicated to the Guides.

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