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When you search for something through Google you normally have a huge number of search results, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need. This is when Google's advanced search feature comes in handy.

How Google Advanced Search Works

  • Go to .
  • From the Google search results page, click Settings down.
  • Select Advanced Search .

The next page offers many options for finding items with or without specific words or phrases. You can also narrow the results based on items like language, region, or latest update.

On the right hand side you will notice helpful hints on how to enter details. When done, click the button Advanced Search at the bottom, then view the results.

Google advanced search functions

Here are some of the advanced search features that will allow you to have more targeted results for your Google search.

You can limit the results by ...:

  • language: Finds pages in the selected language.
  • geographic area: Finds pages published in a specific geographic area.
  • last updated: Finds the pages updated in the specified time period.
  • site or domain: Search a site (such as or view only results related to a domain, such as .edu, .org or .gov
  • terms that appear: Search for terms on the entire page, in the title of the page, in the web address or in the links that lead to the desired page.
  • SafeSearch: Tells SafeSearch whether to filter out sexually explicit content.
  • file type: Find pages in the format you prefer.
  • usage rights: Find the pages you can use freely.

Find web pages that contain ... :

  • all these words: eg Type the important words: black labrador retriever
  • this exact word or phrase: es Enclose the exact words in quotes: "labrador retriever"
  • any of these words: Type OR among as many words as you want: standard OR miniature
  • none of these words: Put the - (minus) sign before the words to exclude: -roditore, - "Jack Russell"
  • numbers from: Insert a colon (..) between the numbers and add a unit of measurement: 10..35 kg, € 300 .. € 500, 2010..2011
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