How Google Chrome versions differ from each other.

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How Google Chrome versions differ from each other. Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser used to browse the internet, but most of us don't know that there are four versions of the browser.

Yes, you read that correctly. Most of us work on the stable version, which is a final product of multiple tests performed on other browser versions - Canary, Beta and Dev.

Versions of Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is what you get if you search for 'Download Google Chrome', 'Google Chrome' or a similar keyword on the Google search.

This version is used by the majority of Chrome users and is the result of numerous tests in other versions of the browser, which makes the version safer and more stable.


is the version before updates are released for the stable build - which is aimed at millions of Chrome users.

Chrome beta is mostly stable, with a few minor bugs hindering its performance at times - which are then fixed before the official update is released.

Beta is the final testing phase of the update, it gets the final tweaks in the UI, and is tested for bugs before it's released to the wider public on the stable version of Chrome.

Chrome Browser Beta is updated weekly by Google and receives a major update approximately every six weeks.


it's a step up from Beta and slightly more unstable. This version is mainly used by developers to test big changes to the browser, which cannot fit into the stable or Beta version.

The Dev version of Chrome is more prone to crashes, errors, extension compatibility issues and updates on this version are in their early stages.


it is the most unstable build of all four versions and is updated regularly by Google's servers automatically with the latest Chrome development code.

This version is of great use by developers to test for compatibility issues.

Canary can run independently alongside the stable version of Chrome on the same PC and will not interfere with the functioning of the latter.


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