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Are you obsessed with privacy and want to use apps without letting anyone know about your activities or when you connect? Do you also use Whatsapp in the office and don't want your boss to find out when you are connected to the most used chat in the world? Don't worry we have all the information you need: in this guide you will find out how not to be online on Whatsapp and how not to let people know about your chat activities.

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How not to be online on Whatsapp

Let's start by saying that, although there is no native option that allows you to never show the text online, there are still other methods to make yourself invisible.

As you surely know, there are methods that will allow you to do not let your last login be known, but, unfortunately, they will not avoid having your online status appear when you are connected to the chat.

For this reason, we will reveal all the useful tricks to access Whatsapp incognito and not show yourself online even when you access the dialog box. Are you ready to discover them? Then smartphone in hand and let's get started!

How to access Whatsapp incognito

Although, as already mentioned, there is no Whatsapp option that allows you to hide your online status, it is still possible to log in incognito with a little trick, a little complicated but, without a doubt, effective.

If your smartphone's operating system is Android, then here's what you need to do: Open the shortcut menu pull-down, which you can access by pointing your finger at the top of the display and then sliding it down and activating Airplane Mode.

At this point, you can access Whatsapp without anyone seeing you online, you can read the messages already received without the sender receiving the double blue check for read confirmation but, on the other hand, you will not be able to receive any message until you deactivate the Airplane Mode .

This process is especially useful when you receive a message and you don't want the person who sent it to know that you have read it.

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, all you have to do is access the system settings, select Whatsapp and place on Off the toggle of the data connection.

Subsequently, also deactivate the Wifi option and enter the app: no one will be able to see you online but, in any case, no messages will be delivered to you until you at least reactivate the wireless connectivity.

If this method seems a bit too limited to you, then know that we know how not to be online on Whatsapp even using third-party apps. You are curious? Then let's see them together!

How to use the Unseen app for Whatsapp

If you are an Android user, then you can use the Unseen app: it is a very simple application to use, with an elementary graphical interface and that will help you a lot in your purpose.

Once installed, the program will ask you which apps, which you already have on your smartphone, you want to synchronize with Unseen: in this case, select only Whatsapp, just to understand how it works, later you can also choose other applications.

As soon as you have confirmed your choice, a list will appear with all the messages you have received at that moment or that you will receive from now on: by choosing one, you will be able to read it in its entirety without being online.

However, in the event that you want to reply to a message received, then before you can do it, the app will notify you that, by proceeding with the action, you will be online and the other person will see the double blue check.

Ultimately, this app is only used to read the messages you receive, but, of course, it will not allow you to reply incognito to a message: in that case you will necessarily have to come out!

How to use the Watusi app for Whatsapp

We have already seen how not to be online on Whatsapp from iPhone but, if you want even more, know that there is the Watusi app, which can be installed from Cydia, which works a bit like Unseen.

It is certainly a very useful app but, of course, to install it you must have already performed the Jailbreak which, we remind you, is an illegal procedure for Apple and that it will make you lose the warranty of your iPhone.

In any case, with this app you can freeze your last login or delete it and, moreover, you can remove the Online status so that no one will be able to know when you are connected to Whatsapp.

The app is very simple to use: once opened, it will give you the possibility to use all the aforementioned actions, with the appropriate toggles positioned in correspondence with each option.

How not to be Online on Whatsapp: Conclusions

Whether you are an Android or Apple user, now you have all the tools to become a true Whatsapp ninja, hiding at every access and making everyone lose your tracks!

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