How Telegram Secret Chat works

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You stai chiedendo how the secret Telegram chat works? Very well, here we are! In our guide, we explain everything about this particular feature of the instant messaging service: what it is, how it differs from normal chat and where it can be started. Don't worry: it's not that complex, in a few minutes you will have reached your goal. But no delay: let's go!

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How the secret Telegram chat works

Let's start by explaining what a secret chat is: it is a feature used by users who want to have even more safety when they exchange information of various kinds. In fact, in this type of chat all messages use the default end-to-end encryption: this means that only you and the recipient of the messages can read the content. There is no danger that anyone will intercept them (not even the Telegram developers).

Furthermore, end-to-end messages flow from one device to another without leaving any trace in the Telegram cloud. But what are the features that make secret chats so popular? We go to see them all in the next paragraph.

Features of secret chats

As mentioned earlier, secret chats use end-to-end encryption. However, this is not their only feature: they have the same functionality as normal chats (through them you can send audio files, videos, messages, documents, etc.), but they also have some peculiar ones. Among these, on a formal level, the fact that they are distinguished by a closed padlock.

They then have a self-destruct timer that can be set by the participants in the conversation. Cannot take screenshot secret chats, and if anyone tries this action they are notified. The addition of messages is also not allowed. They can be started by anyone but only if you know your username or phone number: if you are contacted by an unknown contact you have the option of adding it to your address book or reporting and blocking it (as also happens in normal chats).

Be one secret chat is cleared, it also disappears from the recipient's device. Until this happens, the conversation is recoverable from the Shared Media function. If the interlocutor were to delete the chat as soon as it was born, the user who started it will receive the message "secret chat canceled".

How Telegram's secret chat works: conclusions

Finally, we remind you that to date the secret chats are only supported by mobile, i.e. smartphones and tablets (therefore regardless of the operating system used). Therefore it is not possible to start such a chat from the desktop or web client. You should now have a complete overview on how the secret Telegram chat works: good fun!

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