How to access Hotmail emails from your Gmail account

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I will show you how to download Hotmail emails to Gmail. Thanks to this article you will be able to download all your emails received on your Hotmail account directly to your Gmail account and manage them.

How to read Hotmail emails from your Gmail account

What you need to do is go up from your browser and go up Settings (click on the gear symbol at the top right and click on settings).

Now go to the tab and there will be an option that will allow you to download mail from other accounts. This is called Check mail from other accounts: e click on Add an email account.

You can choose from the following settings:

  • Receive all messages (old and new)- Choose this option if you're still using another email address, whether it's a Gmail or non-Gmail address. New messages may arrive with a slight delay.
  • Receive old messages only- Choose this option if you recently switched to Gmail from another provider.
  • Forward only new messages: Choose this option if you want to receive new messages immediately.

You will be asked Enter the email address to add. Enter the Hotmail email address and click on NEXT. From here, follow the guided procedure and enter the data requested. If you need a car, here is what you can ask for.

  • Server POP: (porta 995)
  • Username: your Windows Live ID, for example
  • Password: The password you typically use to log into Hotmail or Windows Live

Once you're done, click Add Account.

If you want to send emails from the hotmail account just added by Gmail, be sure to click "Yes. I want to be able to send mails like " . This allows you to select an email address from a drop-down box and select your Hotmail address.

Now all the emails received from Hotmail will be downloaded to your Gmail account and you can read and manage them directly with the Google service.

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