How to activate Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

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Flash is turned off by default on Google Chrome. Here's how to enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome.

How to activate Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

Here's how to enable Flash Player in Chrome:

  • Open the three-dot menu at the top right on Chrome and select Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced to show more settings
  • In Privacy and security, click your Content Settings
  • Click on Flash and enable the setting so that the label reads Ask first (recommended)
  • Close the settings tab and you've enabled flash player to run on demand

Now every time you visit a web page with Flash content all you have to do is click on the Flash player to start it.

When you click, you'll get a notification asking if you want to allow or block Flash for the current site. To run it, click Allow. The page will refresh and the Flash content will start as it should.


As you see enable Flash Player on Chrome it's simple, you will be able to use questions that need this player to be executed.

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