How to add the recycle bin to the taskbar in Windows 11

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The taskbar is the perfect place for important tools, so why not put the Trash in it too?

The Recycle Bin stores all the files that you have deleted in Windows. And while the default desktop shortcut is a handy tool to have around, Windows 11 doesn't let you add an icon to your Trash tray.

If this sounds useful to you, however, you don't need to worry. By downloading and installing a third-party program, you can add the Recycle Bin to the taskbar for easy access, regardless of the number of open windows. Here's how to add the Trash icon to the Windows 11 taskbar using TrayBin and MiniBin.

How to add a trash can icon to the system tray with TrayBin

TrayBin is a freeware program that you can use on Windows 11/10/8/7. The good thing about TrayBin is that it includes numerous theme options for its icon in the Trash tray. To add a system tray to the Recycle Bin with that program, you will need to download and extract its ZIP archive as follows.

  • Open within a browser window.
  • Click the button Download now on that page to save the TrayBin ZIP archive in a folder.
  • Double-click on TrayBin ZIP to open it in File Explorer.
  • click on Extract everything on the command bar.
  • Select Shop by Department to choose an extraction path for the ZIP archive.
  • click on Show extracted files when finished to select the check box.
  • Select Extract to extract the archive files.
  • Then click on TrayBin inside its extracted folder to add the Trash tray icon shown directly below.

So, you now have a handy Trash icon on your taskbar. Hovering your cursor over that icon brings up a tip telling you how many files it includes. Double-clicking on that icon opens a Delete More Items prompt. Click Yes to delete all files in the recycle bin.

You can also open the trash with that icon. To do this, right click on the Trash tray icon and select the context menu option Open Trash . Then the trash window will open.

Now you may want to configure the TrayBin settings. You can do this by right-clicking the Trash icon in the system tray and selecting Settings . A TrayBin settings window will then open which includes additional options.

The most notable setting is the drop-down menu Subject . Click the drop-down menu to choose a different taskbar icon theme for the Recycle Bin. You can select from Mushroom, Balloon, Vista, Windows 7 and Circle Trash icon themes, just to name a few.

TrayBin does not start with Windows 11 by default. If you want it yes start together to your PC, select the option Automatically start TrayBin when Windows starts . So, do it click su OK to save the options you just selected.

How to add a new trash can icon with MiniBin

MiniBin is a very similar program to TrayBin which also adds a Trash icon to the system tray area in the same way. Like TrayBin, it is a freely available app. You can download and install MiniBin like this.

  • Open the Softpedia page for.
  • Select the option Download now to save MiniBin to a directory.
  • Then extract the MiniBin ZIP archive as described in steps three to eight of the TrayBin download instructions above.
  • Double-click MiniBin- inside the extracted folder and click Yes not prompt UAC.
  • Then select the options NEXT e Accept .
  • Click again NEXT to access the installation location options.
  • Select Shop by Department to choose an installation directory.
  • Push the button Install .

Once done, you should see the MiniBin Trash icon on your system tray. That icon changes as it fills to highlight how full the trash is, with customizable icons for empty, full, 25%, 50%, and 75% full trash.

To customize the MiniBin icon, you will need to manually download an alternate theme for it. You can download several icon packs from MiniBin's repository. You need to register and log into DeviantArt to download a theme pack.

Once the theme is downloaded, right-click on the MiniBin Trash and select Configure> Change Icons . Choose an icon to change in the submenu. Select an alternate icon from the downloaded theme pack and click the button apri .

By double-clicking on the MiniBin Trash in the taskbar, the files in the trash are deleted by default. However, you can change the system tray icon to open the Recycle Bin when double-clicked. Right-click the Trash icon in the system tray and select Icon Double-click Action> Open to do it.

By default, MiniBin starts with Windows. This program does not include an option to enable / disable it as a startup item. Then, you will need to disable the MiniBin startup item via the Startup tab in Task Manager.

How to add the recycle bin to the taskbar

The taskbar taskbar overflow menu is the small arrow you click to reveal hidden icons. If MiniBin and TrayBin are not enabled in Settings, their icons will appear in the extra menu instead of in the taskbar corner of the taskbar. You can enable the display of the MiniBin and TrayBin icons in the corner of the taskbar as follows.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings .
  • click on Taskbar corner overflow to expand that category.
  • Then click TrayBin or on Free basket for i buttons activation of the taskbar area if they are disabled.
  • Close the Settings window.

Thereafter, the Trash tray icon will be visible in the corner area of ​​the taskbar just to the left of the clock. Now you don't need to click on the little taskbar overflow arrow to select the trash can icon.

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