How to automatically forward emails from Outlook to Gmail (and vice versa)

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Do you want to forward Outlook email to Gmail or forward your Gmail to Outlook? Both Outlook and Gmail can automate the forwarding process for you.

Do you need to forward some emails to another address or maybe you are looking to forward all emails from Outlook or Gmail to a new inbox? Both Outlook and Gmail have easy-to-set-and-forget methods for automating the forwarding process.

We'll show you how to forward Outlook email to Gmail and vice versa, regardless of whether you're using Outlook on the web or desktop.

How to Automatically Forward Emails in Outlook Desktop

First, we will cover how to automatically forward emails to Gmail in the desktop version of Outlook. To do this, you need to create a rule by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook. In the card Home, find the section Move . There, select Regole and choose Manage rules and alerts in the drop-down menu.
  • In the resulting window, click New rule .
  • In Start with an empty rule , select Apply rule to messages I receive . click on NEXT .
  • Select the criteria for the types of messages you want to forward. If you want to forward all emails, please leave each box on this page blank. click on NEXT and confirm the request if a dialog box appears warning that this rule will be applied to all messages.
  • In step 1 in the next window, select Forward it to people or public group . (If you prefer, forward it to public people or groups as an attachment also works .) Then, in the step 2 , click the text link people or public group .
  • In the box Address rule displayed, enter an email address in the box A below to forward all emails to that address. You can select from your contacts in the box above instead of entering addresses manually and you can enter as many addresses as you want. When done, click OK , then up NEXT in the window Rules Wizard 
  • Next, you can choose certain criteria for the emails you want to exclude from this rule. You don't have to choose anything, but if you want, you can filter emails from certain senders or messages that contain specific words, for example. Click NEXT when you are satisfied.
  • Finally, enter a name for your rule so that it is easy to spot in the future. So make sure that Enable this rule is selected and click end . If you also want to forward all matching emails to your inbox right away, check the box as well Run this rule on messages already in "Inbox" .

You are done forwarding your Outlook messages to Gmail (or any other email address). Any email you receive (or only those that meet the criteria you have set, if you have specified any) will be forwarded to the address you have specified.

To stop email forwarding, go back to the Home tab, click Rules> Manage Rules & Alerts and uncheck the box next to the rule you want to disable. You can enable or disable this checkbox whenever you want to enable or disable forwarding.

How to automatically forward emails in Gmail

Are you looking to automatically forward emails in Gmail? This is a similar process to forwarding in Outlook, but it has one main difference. When forwarding emails in Outlook, you don't need to do any action on the forwarding address account. However, with Gmail, the receiving email address must grant you permission to forward emails.

How to add a forwarding address in Gmail

The first step in automatically forwarding Gmail emails is to add forwarding addresses. To do it:

  • Go to Gmail options by opening Gmail, clicking the gear in the top right corner and choosing View all settings .
  • Open the tab Forwarding and POP / IMAP.
  • At the top of the page, under the subtitle Forwarding , click your Add a forwarding address .
  • In the window that opens, enter the email address you want to forward emails to. Note that you can only enter one email address at a time. click on NEXT at the end.
  • The chosen email address will receive an email. The owner must click the link inside to grant your Gmail address permission to forward emails.

Once approved, you can easily automatically forward all emails to the new address on the same Gmail settings page. Enable the button Forward a copy of your inbox to , then choose your forwarding address from the drop-down list.

Using the second box, you can choose from four options for what happens to the original message in your inbox:

  • Keep my copy in your inbox , which leaves the email intact in the Gmail Inbox.
  • Mark my copy as read , which means it won't show up as new in your Gmail account.
  • Check in my copy , so it's out of your primary inbox.
  • Delete my copy , if you don't want it at all.

Filtering of forwarded emails in Gmail

If you don't want to forward all emails in Gmail, use the steps below to create a filter that only forward certain messages. Note that Gmail filters only forward new emails, so this doesn't apply to old messages:

  • Go to Gmail, click on the gear> View all settings , then switch to the tab Filters and blocked addresses.
  • At the bottom of the filter list, click Create a new filter .
  • Enter the criteria for the emails you want to forward. If you want to forward all emails, please enter your email address in the field A. When done, click Create filter .
  • On the next screen, check the box Forward to . From the drop-down menu, select the forwarding address to which you want to forward applicable emails. In case you don't see the correct address, click Add forwarding address and follow the steps listed above to add an approved address.
  • Enable any other options if you want, then click Create filter .

To stop forwarding your emails, go back to top Settings > Filters and blocked addresses and click Delete next to the rule you want to delete.

How to automatically forward emails in

Finally, let's take a look at how to forward messages from the web version of Outlook.

To get started, log into your email and click on the gear Settings in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the displayed sidebar and select View all Outlook settings .

On the resulting screen, make sure you've selected the tab Mail on the far left, then go to the section Forwarding . At this point, you may need to verify your identity before proceeding by obtaining a code via another trusted email address.

Next, on the page Forwarding, select the option Enable forwarding and enter the email address you wish to forward to. If you select Keep a copy of forwarded messages , they will also remain in your Outlook Inbox.

Click on Save below to complete the process. That's all it takes to forward emails from the Outlook web app to Gmail or another service. To disable forwarding, simply return to this page, uncheck the box Enable forwarding and press again Save.

How to forward only some messages from Outlook web

If you don't want to filter all your mail, the web version of Outlook also allows you to filter messages by whatever criteria you have selected. To configure it, go back to top Settings> Mail as described above, then open the section Regole .

Here, enter a name for your new rule at the top, then select an item in the drop-down box Add a condition. Use link Add another condition if you want to specify multiple.

So, in Add an action , Choose Forward to o Forward as an attachment . Enter the email address you wish to forward these messages to in the box next to this. click on Add an exception if you don't want this rule to forward some messages.

If you want the rest of the Outlook rules to apply to messages that are forwarded, make sure that Stop processing multiple rules is unchecked. You choose Save when you have finished.

How to import Outlook mail and contacts into Gmail

Above, we saw how to forward all new Outlook mail to your Gmail account. If you want, you can also transfer messages currently in your inbox, as well as your contacts, in one easy step using Gmail's import tool. Note that it works for virtually any email address, not just Outlook.

Open your Gmail account and click on the icon in the shape of gear at the top right, then choose View all settings . You choose Account and Import at the top and on that page click Import mail and contacts .

This will open a new window. Enter the Outlook email address (or any other email address) you want to import from. After confirming his credentials, you will see a list of permissions that you need to grant.

click on Yes to accept them. Finally, you will see a window Import options . Check the boxes Import mail e Import contacts , if you want. You can also select Import new mail for 30 days , although it is not necessary if you have performed the above forwarding.

Depending on the amount of mail you have in Outlook, this may take some time. Your mail will appear in Gmail as it goes.

Like to important Outlook contacts in Google contacts

If the above tool didn't work for some reason, you can transfer your Outlook contacts to Gmail using the Google contacts import tool. After logging into your Gmail account, open. On the left side of the screen, choose Import .

Gmail will ask you for a CSV file containing your contacts.

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