How to automatically hide the Windows 10 taskbar in 2 steps

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Automatic hiding of the taskbar in Windows is a useful feature if you are working on something important and want more screen space for the application. For example, you are designing a new power point or reading an important article in your browser and you want a distraction-free environment. In this case, it's best if you set the Windows 10 taskbar to auto hide mode. Auto-hide mode does not completely hide the taskbar. Scrolls up and appears whenever you place the mouse cursor in the taskbar area. Also, you can always access the Start key by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Now, let's summarize how it's done in simple steps.

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Step 1 - Just right-click anywhere in an empty space on the taskbar.

Step 2 - Click Taskbar Settings.

3 pass - On the right hand side, only Toogle in the option that says Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.

To reverse this feature, follow the same path and uncheck the option that says Auto hide the taskbar.

What if you want to completely hide / show the taskbar with the keyboard shortcut?

What if you don't want the taskbar to appear even when you hover over it? What if you hide the taskbar and show it when needed with a hotkey? There is no specific configuration setting for this, but you can easily do this via a free utility called Taskbar Hider.

Download Taskbar Hider

Just download and run it. Each time you press the Windows key + x, the taskbar will disappear. Press the Windows key + x again to bring it up.

You can change the keyboard shortcut by right-clicking on it and choosing settings and then setting your own keyboard shortcut.

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