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You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to be invisible on Facebook? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we will explain step by step the procedure to become an attendance-absence within the popular social network. Nothing so complicated: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. But let's not dwell too much: let's go!

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How to be invisible on Facebook

The Facebook chat in recent years has completely supplanted several instant messaging programs that had become very popular in the early zero (the most nostalgic will remember Windows Live Messenger?).

Only WhatsApp and partly Telegram resisted. However, the old software allowed to set the invisibility in chat automatically, while on Facebook it is necessary to activate a special function.

If you are wondering how to be invisible on Facebook, you must first disable the chat within it. Not only that: then there are a whole series of other tricks, such as hiding the latest activities carried out on the social network, which can be very useful for your purpose. It is not quite the same result as invisibility, but we are sure you will be satisfied anyway. But now let's not hesitate any further: happy reading!

Disable Facebook chat

We can only start in disable Facebook chat: this way your friends will see you offline and they should no longer text you. Let's start with the procedure to be performed if you are on a pc. First connect to your account and then open the Options (gear icon) which you can see under the chat at the bottom right. Now click on Turn off activity status. A window will open where you will see three options:

  • Turn off activity status for all contacts
  • Turn off activity status for all contacts except ...
  • Disable activity status for some contacts only ...

In the first case, of course, all your Facebook friends will no longer be able to see you online. You will be an invisible presence on the social network for each contact. If you choose to opt for the second option, you will deactivate the chat except for friends who you will indicate in the field below. The third and last possibility is the opposite of the second: here you will deactivate the activity status only for certain friends that you can choose. Once you have chosen the desired option and finished the operations, click on OK to save.

A certainly more radical but useful solution is the one that allows you to block a contact: always going to the Options as indicated above, click on Block settings. You will be directed to a screen where you can manage blocks, also with reference to messages. Find the voice Message blocking and type the name of the friend or contact you want to block.

You can carry out the exact same operations even from smartphones and tablets. If you use the Messenger app you can block a specific user in chat: just press on the conversation you are having with this contact. Tap on his username at the top and click on Ignore messages, or directly on Block.

Disappear from internal Facebook searches

The other method I invite you to reflect on is related to how to be invisible on Facebook is what allows you to disappear from internal Facebook searches, and also from external ones. You got it right: in a few simple steps no one will be able to find you within the social network, and not even on Google! Click on the down arrow button (top right of the home page) and select Settings. On the page that you will see go to Privacy and change the following settings:

  • Who can search for you using the email address you provided
  • Who can look for you using the phone number you provided?

In both cases, click on Edit and then select the Friends option from the menu that will appear. Now find the voice You want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile and click Change by choosing the No option. If you don't even want anyone to send you friend requests, go to Who can send you friend requests? in the section Who can contact me? and click on Edit, then choosing the Friends of friends option.

The same operations can also be performed via mobile on smartphones and tablets using the official Facebook app. How to do? Press on the last icon of the home menu, the one with the three horizontal lines and tap on Settings and Privacy.

Then choose Settings. In Account Settings, scroll until you find Privacy: in this menu choose Privacy settings and in the subsection How people find and contact you choose the same options that we have listed above: Who can search for you using the email address you provided and Who can search for you using the phone number you provided.

Where do you see written Do you want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile? put No, if you don't want to appear in Google searches. This way you will be invisible on Facebook and no one will be able to find you on the web.

How to be invisible on Facebook: conclusions

As we have seen, in our guide on how to be invisible on Facebook, formally it cannot be done but in substance it is. The two methods that we have indicated to you have a considerable impact: no one will be able to see you online anymore or look for you within the search engine inside Facebook and outside the social network (see Google).

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