How to Block a Contact on WhatsApp

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You are looking for a guide who will explain you how to block a contact on WhatsApp? Very well, we give you good news: you found it! In this tutorial we are going to show you the whole procedure by which you can block a person within the instant messaging platform. Doing so will no longer bother you. These are not long or complex operations: in a few simple steps you will have reached your goal. But let's not go any further: let's go!

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How to block a contact on WhatsApp

If you have come to this point, it is because you just can't stand this person anymore. It is a situation that happens to many users, and now you too need some advice to understand how to block a contact on WhatsApp. We can help you: with the instructions contained in the next lines, a little concentration will be enough to succeed in your intent.

In particular, we will provide you with the different procedures that you will need to perform based on the device you are using: Android smartphone or iPhone in this case. Once you have blocked a certain contact, they will no longer be able to view your status or communicate with you via chat or calls. Don't worry: this is not an irreversible decision, there is the possibility to retrace your steps and remove the block. But now let's get into the heart of the guide!

Procedura per smartphone Android

Let's start with the procedure to be carried out if yours is an Android smartphone. First start the app, press the button (...) and select the Settings item. Now proceed to Account> Privacy, select Blocked contacts from the screen that opens and press the little man icon located at the top right. Here you can select the name of the person to be blocked.

There is another possible method to achieve the same goal. Go to the Chat or Contacts tab, then select the name of the person to block and first press the button (…) at the top right and then click More> Block in the menu that opens. Now all that remains is to press the OK button on the display. The change will take effect immediately.

Steps for iPhone

Secondly, let's see the steps to take if you want to block a contact on WhatsApp and you have an iPhone. Log in to the app, go to Settings at the bottom right and then to Account> Privacy. All you have to do now is tap on the Blocked item, press the Add button and select the contact you want to block. Nothing difficult, right?

Again there is an alternative procedure: you can use the card App Favorites and Chat. Select the contact to block, press his name at the top of the screen that opens and select the item Block this contact. Finally, click on Block to confirm the operation: the selected user will be blocked in all conversations, except in group ones.

How to block a contact on WhatsApp: what if you have an afterthought?

It may happen that you may regret an impulsive decision. The choice of blocking a person is never irreversible: you can do the exact opposite, or unlock it. To do this on Android just press the button (…) at the top right. A menu will open in which you will have to select the Settings item. Then go to Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts, then tap on the name of the person to block and press on Unblock (name). You will find this item right in the center of the display.

Do you use an iPhone? Don't worry: just go to the WhatsApp Settings tab, Account> Privacy> Blocked and finally swipe from right to left on the contact you want to block. Now press the Unlock button. You did!

How to block a contact on WhatsApp: conclusions

Finally, we want to make you some final considerations that we think will be useful in making a decision after thinking well. Firstly: people blocked on WhatsApp do not receive a notification warning them of this new situation. However, they will notice it very easily, since they will not be able to see your status, text and even less call the user who blocked them.

Another aspect to consider: blocked people will be able to continue interacting with you on groups! An embarrassing situation, but you can live with it. Extrema ratio? Leave the group in question if you cannot bear any contact! Either way, you should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to block a contact on WhatsApp. Good luck!

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