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How to block a user on Instagram

In addition to all the advantages that Instagram can offer to a user who decides to subscribe, there are also negative notes: one of these are the annoyances who try to write to you all the time. If you wish to find out how to block on instagram a person, for this or for other reasons here is a very interesting guide for you.

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Steps needed to understand how to block on Instagram

How to block on Instagram? No problem, it is a very simple and fast procedure. First of all, start the social media application on your smartphone and log in with your credentials.
Well, to block a user on Instagram who writes to you incessantly, go to the social chat: then click the paper airplane symbol that you find in the upper right corner of the screen.

Find the conversation with the unwanted user and tap their name to open the chat.

Perfect, now tap on the button at the top right (symbol of a circle and an i inside it). In the window that opens, click on Block User (on Android) and Block (on iOS) you can block him.

At this point click on Yes, I confirm (your Android) or Block (on iOS) and you will have blocked the user.

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