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You are looking for a guide who will explain how change image on YouTube step by step? Very well, you found it! In this tutorial we will show you the procedure to do this, which is far from long or complex. In fact, following our instructions, in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. But no delay: let's go!

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How to change image on YouTube

Does your YouTube channel need a "refresh"? The best thing is to start fromprofile picture, which is - along with the name - the first thing you notice when you post videos or comments below those of other channels. In the next few lines we will explain to you how to change image on youtube both via pc and smartphone.

You don't need to be a computer expert to achieve your goal: by acting directly on your channel settings you can make all the changes you want. It only takes a few minutes of your free time and a little attention to understand how to carry out the exchange procedure. Ok, let's not dwell further: happy reading!

Procedure to PC

First go to the YouTube home page, log in to your account and then click on profilo's photo you currently have (you can find it at the top left; if you haven't set one yet, click on the initial letter of your name). Once you click there, a window will open from which you will have to select "Your channel": on the page that will appear click on the camera icon.

Once this is done, click on the "Edit" button in the box labeled "Edit Channel Icon" (you can see it in the center of the screen). Now all you have to do is click on the item "Upload photos”On the page that opened and select the image you want to use as your channel profile photo. Once you have chosen the image, you can also decide to modify it by cropping it using the editor that appears. If you want you can also choose one associated with your account.

At this point, just click on "Finish" at the top right. As you can see, the operation ended successfully - you changed the image on YouTube! But what if you were using a smartphone or tablet instead?

The procedure for making a smartphone a tablet

In this case we must first tell you that you cannot proceed via the app, which took away several features. You must necessarily open your browser that you usually use and go to the main page of the social network. At this point, log in to your account and first activate the desktop version of the platform. To do this, if you use Chrome, tap on the three dots icon at the top right and check the item "Desktop site". If you are using Safari on iPhone, tap the icon to reload the page (circular arrow in the address bar) and then select the item "Request desktop site".

Once this is done, press on the profile photo at the top right (or the first letter of your name, if you haven't set it yet) and then click on “Your channel”. A new page will open where you will have to click on your profile photo again. Now click on "Edit" in the box called "Edit channel icon" in the center of the screen and then tap on "Upload photo" at the top left of the page that has opened. Now select the image you want to use as your channel icon.

Now you just have to make the changes and crops you want to the image in question and then tap on the "Finish" item. You did it! You changed the image on YouTube in minutes.

How to change image on YouTube: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to change image on youtube. Before saying goodbye, however, we will give you a couple of final information. Firstly, as we told you earlier, it is not possible - for the successful achievement of this procedure - to use the YouTube app. This is because Google has made a series of changes to its famous social network, and this possibility has no longer been contemplated. It is therefore necessary to act as a browser via computer or smartphone (and in the latter case activate the desktop view).

Secondly, the format of the images to use as a profile photo can be JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF (no animated GIFs of course). As for the dimensions it is advisable to opt for 800 x 800 pixels: in this way the photo will be square within its channel and round under its videos.

Now we just have to wish you good luck in everything! We leave you some articles below that may interest you.

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