How to change the default location of the Edge download folder

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Sometimes we want to change the default download folder in our browser. It occurs in cases where our download folders get overloaded with a large number of files and it is painful to find and classify the files we wanted. Or it could be the case if we are downloading an important set of files that we want to keep in a different location. Here in this tutorial I'll show you how change the default location of the Edge download folder.

How to change the Microsoft Edge default download folder

Method 1: Change the border download position by changing the position property

Step 1 - Press windows key + e to access your computer's browser.

Step 2 - Now right click on the download folder in the left menu. Then click on properties.

3 pass - Now click on the position of the tabs at the top of the newly appeared menu.

Phase 4 - Now browse and select a different path, then click Apply.

This method will change the Windows 10 download directory based on your choice.

If you want to change the download folder for the edge only, please follow method 2 below.

Method 2: change the border download path by editing the registry key

To know the current location of the download folder, click on three horizontal sized menus called hubs, as shown in the screenshot below. Then click open folder link and will take you to the current default download folder in the Edge browser. All downloaded files will be downloaded to this folder.

How to change the default download folder in Edge browser based on the registry

To do this, you need to perform a simple registry adjustment. Follow the steps below to change the download folder to a different folder as set by the user.

Step 1 - Open the registry editor. To open the registry editor, press key Windows + r on the keyboard. In the run command box that appears, simply type regedit and press ok.

Step 2 - Now, in the registry editor you just opened, find the following location.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Classes Impostazioni locali Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion AppContainer Storage microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe MicrosoftEdge Main

Note- To navigate in the registry editor, simply click on the folder name in the left pane starting from the first entry. Subfolders after folders are separated by upward bars. For example, if I have to go to the location called abc / xyz / 123, I will first click on a folder icon abc and then on the set of subfolders that have opened I will open xyz and in the open subfolder tree I will click on 123 and so .

3 pass - Right-click on the correct space and create a new string value.

Phase 4 - Give it the same name you want the downloads folder to have. The location will be set in the next step.

5 pass - Now browse the path where you want to create the downloads folder. Once there, click on the address bar, then right click and then copy the path.

6 pass - Go back to the registry editor and double click on the new folder called entry you just created. When you click Edit String, the pop-up window will appear. Just paste the copied download folder path into the value data and hit OK.

Bingo! You just changed the default download folder location in Edge. Go and download something in your edge browser. It will automatically download to the location set in the previous steps.


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