How to change the default search engine in Google in the Edge browser

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Microsoft Edge is not like previous versions of Microsoft's IE browsers. People choose it over Chrome and Mozilla because of its lightning-fast response and several cool features. But Microsoft has a Bing search engine configured by default. So when you search for something in the address bar, you search for the keyword via bing, its search engine. However, if you want to change the default search engine to Google, the world's favorite search engine, then follow the tutorial provided to do so. Here is a step by step guide for change the default search engine in edge browser to google on Windows 10.

How to change the default search engine in Edge browser to Google

Step 1 # The first step is to open the edge browser and go to within it.

Step 2# Now click on the three dots at the top right of the Edge browser window.

Step 3 # Next, scroll down and search for the term Advanced settings. Click on advanced settings.

Step 4 # Now scroll down the menu and find where it is written search in the address bar with - Bing ( Click on Bing and a new option will appear that says . Click on Add new.

Step 5 # Now, on the next screen that appears below, select Turn blue, click Add as default option provided below.

Bingo! You changed your default web browser in Windows 10.

Note: - You must first visit the search engine on the edge, which you plan to add as your default search engine. If not, it won't include it as a browser as an option. If you want duckduckgo to be your default search engine, you can follow the similar steps outlined above, simply by changing to


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