How to change the duration of Windows 10 notifications

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17 December 2015 For Management

Windows 10, like its predecessors, provides its users with valuable pop-up notifications to keep them up to date with their system's condition. Notifications appear just above the taskbar in the lower right corner, when and when important information needs your attention. Staying up to date with this information is very important as it could actually be very useful and necessary for the proper functioning of the system. But sometimes notifications come and go in a hurry. You can't even read what it is. But yes, of course, Windows never wanted to let you down like that. If you are not comfortable with the duration of the pop-up notifications, you can simply change the duration from the settings page. Read on to find out how to change the default pop-up notification duration at your comfortable pace.

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Steps to increase or decrease the duration of pop-up notifications

  • Launch the boot menu to find the list settings.

  • By clicking on Settings, you will be directed to the following window. Select Accessibility from the menu provided.

  • After clicking on the Accessibility item from the Settings page, you will be given a menu that will look like the following. At the bottom of the list, find and click More Options.
  • When you click on More Options, on the right side of the Accessibility window, find a header called Show Notifications and click on it. Choose your comfortable duration from the list that appears. The items in the list will be 5 seconds, 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes. This selection will set the new duration for notification pop-ups.

Notifications during important work can seem irrelevant and unwanted. Hence, people also tend to set them for a very short duration. But this could cause problems, as some notifications are really important for the proper functioning of your system. Then, set the duration of the notification pop-ups in a smart and convenient way.

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