How to change the home page in the Firefox browser

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The following guide offers instructions on how to change the home page of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The homepage is the first page that users see when they open the web browser and when they click the Home button in the Firefox toolbar.

Mozilla loads a first run experience when Firefox first starts, which offers some customization options. The Firefox default home page is the same as the New Tab page.

If you don't see the Home button in the Firefox interface, select Menu> Customize Toolbar to open the browser interface customization options. Find the Home icon on the page and drag it to the toolbar to position it.

You can also use it to remove the Home button from the toolbar in case you don't use it.

If you prefer to use the keyboard, use the Alt-Home keyboard shortcut to load the Firefox browser home page.

Firefox supports setting different pages for the home page in its interface.

Setting or changing the home page in Firefox

Here is the fastest option:

  • Write Preferences # home in the Firefox address bar.
  • Find “Homepage and new windows” under New windows and tabs on page.
  • Use the menu to change the default home page.

Firefox offers three home page options:

  • Firefox Home (default) - This is the browser's New Tab page and the default selection.
  • Custom URLs - Select one or more web pages as a new home page by typing or pasting URLs, using the pages currently open in Firefox, or using bookmark pages.
  • Empty page : Firefox displays a blank page with no content.

Advanced Firefox Home Page Editing Options

Advanced users can modify the home page using the configuration files or about: config. All options are provided and can be useful for users and administrators who want to configure the home page for managed devices.

  • Type about: config in the Firefox address bar.
  • Confirm that you will be careful.
  • Cerca browser.startup.homepage.

The preference value sets the home page. Just double-click in the value field to make it editable and add your preferences.

  • Firefox Home (default) : type about: home to reset the Firefox browser home page to the default.
  • Custom URLs : use the same syntax as the field in the Settings. Use | to separate addresses.
  • Empty page : type about: blank to set a blank home page with no content.
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