How to change the language in Chrome

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Here's how you can change the language in Chrome on the desktop. Do you want to change the Chrome interface language but don't know how to do it? Here is the procedure to follow.

Change the language in Chrome

  • Open Chrome on your computer and click the More Options button at the top right. It is the one that has three points. From the menu that opens, select Settingsi.
  • Scroll to the end and click Advanced.
  • Scroll to the section of Language.

  • Here you will see the language currently in use. Click the arrow next to it. The option will expand and you will see a button Add languages, select it.

  • Use the search bar to search for the language you want to add (Chrome can support multiple languages, so you can add as many as you like, however the browser doesn't offer full support for all languages.) To prioritize a language over to the other, click the other options next to a language and select the Move up option.
  • For some languages ​​you will see the option View Google Chrome in this language by clicking on the three dots next to it.

  • When you select this option, the browser user interface will change to display in that language. Where this entry is not displayed it means that Chrome does not support the user interface in that language. The UI language is the language in which the various buttons and labels appear in the browser.
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