How to change the printer name in Windows 10

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A user asked in the comments section of this blog how to change printer display name in Windows 10. I'm giving you the steps to change printer name in Windows 10 as per your desire. Typically, the default printer name tends to confuse users and users want to change the name to a more recognizable name. Renaming a printer is very simple, just follow the screenshots below to do it.

Change printer name in Windows 10 using settings

Step 1: Press Tasto Windows + I together to open the settings.

Step 2: Now choose devices.

Step 3: choose Printers and scanners in the menu on the left.

Step 4: Click On Printer to expand it.

Step 5: Click Manage.

Step 6: Click Printer properties.

Step 7: Change the printer name.

Step 8: Click Edit properties.

Step 9: Enter the new printer name here.

Step 10: Press ok.

How to change printer name in Windows 10 using Control Panel

Step 1 - Press Windows key + x to open the menu on the left screen of your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 - Now, click on the control panel to open it.

3 pass - Click on view devices and printers in the hardware and sound section.

Phase 4 - Now, right click on the printer you want to rename and click printer properties.

5 pass - A window opens in which the printer name is visible in an input field. But wait, you can't change it. Click on change the properties as shown in the screenshot below.

6 pass - Now in the next window delete the old name and write the new printer name as shown by the arrow in the given image

You just changed the printer name.


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