How to change the right click context menu in Windows 10

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Most people don't like the messy context menu. They want only useful options present. What happens every time you install a program or software, some programs add their own options to the context menu. For example, when you install winzip, you add options like add to file, same way when you install Notepad ++, add edit with notepad ++ option, after right clicking on any file.

Now, for example, let's say I want to remove the edit with Notepad ++ or add to the file options present in the right-click context menu for a file. Let's see how it's done.

How to change the right-click context menu for a file in Windows 10

Step 1: - First of all, open RUN by searching for it in the search box of the Windows 10 taskbar.

Step 2: - Now, type regedit in the run command box.

3 pass: - Now in the registry editor find the following path from the right side

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT * shellexContextMenuHandlers

4 phase: - Now once it expands ContextMenuHandlers , there will be many options present there. Now, the name of the items in the right click context menu and the name of the keys will not be exactly the same. You have to identify them.

For example, we can easily tell Anotepad ++ 64 is related to edit with notepad ++ .

5 pass: - Now select the required key and then double-click default. Now in the value data, just put a minus sign - before the value. This will make it inactive.

Final report: - If you want to undo changes in the future, remove the minus sign, from the front.

If even after putting the minus sign does not work, delete the key. Note that this step cannot be undone.

If you can't find the items here, there are other places you might be featured.



To change the context menu for folders, use the following locations.



To change the context menu for the desktop, use the following locations.



Alternative method: using free tools

1. Download shellexview

2. Extract the software and click on the shexview application to open it.

3. Click Options> Filter by extension type

4. select Contextual menu and click ok.

5. Hold down the CTRL key and continue selecting the items you want to delete.

6. Right-click and Disable selected items.

7. Click option and choose Restart Explorer.

This will remove unwanted context menu items from the context menu on your Windows 10 computer.

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