How to change Windows 10 screen lock times

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Windows locks the screen by default by displaying a screen saver or by turning off the screen. This is a good way to protect your PC when you are away for any length of time. It does not turn off the computer every time you leave it. Let's say you left your computer and forgot to come back for a few hours. Right now, someone else can access your files and data very easily in the absence of a screen lock. Since the screen freezes, anyone who logs into your PC will need to enter their password or PIN.

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The only problem is the timing of the block. As the default time is generally 5 minutes, it freezes for a long time and can annoy some users, who don't want to enter the password every time they want to log into their PC. The possible solution is to increase the screen shutdown time.

How to change the lock screen time settings

Step 1 - Click the Windows key in the lower left corner of the screen, then click settings.

Step 2 - Click on Customization in the configuration window.

3 pass - Now, in the menu on the left, click on Screen lock. Next, scroll down on the right side and click Screen timeout setting.

4 pass - Now, on the next screen, change the time setting to a higher level. If you want to disable them, choose Never from the drop-down menu.

Alternative method

Step 1 - Press Windows key + x to open the left menu, then click control panel.

Step 2 - Look for power options in the search box. Then click power options of the results obtained.

3 pass - Now, once you get to the power options window, click Change plan settings for the current selected plan.

4 pass - Now, click select in the time drop-down menu and change it to the desired time range. You can also select Never as the setting to completely disable this feature.

6 pass - Make similar settings for both the battery and plug-in option. Similarly, change the setting to put the computer to sleep as desired. Finally, click Save Changes.

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