How to change your Gmail profile picture

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How to change your Gmail profile picture. Your Gmail profile picture is important because it's what people see when they add you as a Gmail or Google contact.

Gmail profile picture

Open Gmail and click on the little cogwheel at the top right. It's under your current one profilo's photo . From the menu that opens, select Settings.

On the Settings page, select the tab General and scroll down. You will find a section called My photo which will show you your current one Gmail profile picture. Click on the option Change image above it.

Browse your computer for a new image, select and crop it as needed, and that's it.

Your new Gmail profile picture should sync with everyone who added you as a contact, but that may not happen. This may be because users have the ability to set their own picture for a contact. Your new image will be synced eventually, but it may take some time.

You may notice that the bar at the top of Gmail, the one that features a thumbnail of your profile picture, doesn't change when you change your Gmail profile picture. This is because it is your Google+ profile picture. To change it, you need to click on the image and select Google+ profile.

On the profile page Google+, click the edit button and then edit your profile picture. This image will replace your Gmail profile picture and sync with other people's contacts much faster.


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