How to choose which folder will appear on the Start menu in Windows 10

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January 12, 2018 For Tarun

Windows 10 has taken a step forward in terms of user customization and control over the appearance of their system. Technology has its advantage and software and applications are now being built to study our behavior and then predict things for us. That's great since we don't have to remember our favorite things when operating systems are there for us.

However, this has a downside in terms of privacy. Many times we wish our operating system would not remember some of our usage patterns. Once, when my wife was expecting a baby, I googled things related to pregnancy. I did this using my office laptop. The next day, in the office, all my web pages were full of ads related to it.

Windows 10 has similar functionality where the list is displayed in the programs 'Most Used' start menu. This makes our life easier as we don't have to look for the most used programs. But if you want to hide or remove certain programs from that list, here's how to do it.

How to remove the most used item from the Start menu in Windows 10

1 - Click on the Start menu and select "Settings"

2 - In the Settings application, select "Personalization"

3 - From the menu on the left, select "Start"

4 - Here you can customize what you want the Start menu to remember and what you don't want it to remember. You can customize it further by clicking on “Choose which folders to view on Start”.

5 - There you can inform the Start menu about your preferences and choices.

6 - To remove a particular program one by one, you can click on the start menu and then right click on the specific program as below screenshot shown. Although it is not the most used program, you can also add it to the start menu by selecting “Add at startup”.

If you want to remove it from the Start menu list, select “Don't show in this list”.

If there is a particular program on your system that you want to put on the Start menu, there are two ways to do it.

Method 1: You can right click on that particular program or file and then select “Add to start”.

Method 2- You can drag and drop that file or program to the Start menu to pin it to the Start menu.

If you want to remove some tiles or apps from the Start menu, drag and drop it from the Start menu and it will be removed from there. Don't worry as this will only remove the link and the original program will be there on your system.

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