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How to clear Facebook searches

It is among the social networks most famous in the world, when it was born it had the purpose of making old friends find again but over time it has become an important showcase for companies and various activities, we are talking about Facebook. To find a person or whoever you want on Facebook, just do one search in the bar at the top with the magnifying glass symbol.

But how do you cancel a search once you have found the result? In this simple guide we'll see how to clear Facebook searches.

How to Clear Facebook Searches: Steps

Facebook is an application that can be used both on mobile devices like tablets e smartphone available and free for operating systems Android ed iOS. It can also be used from any computer that has internet access.

Having said that we see how to clear Facebook searches on mobile devicei:

  • Open app Facebook, if you do not enter automatically, do so by entering i data are extracted of your account.
  • You will find yours in front of you home page
  • At the top you will find the blue bar to carry out the research
  • Fate tap on the same and then immediately on the item Modification top right
  • A list of the searched items under the heading activity log and also the voice clear searches
  • By tapping on clear searches will delete them all
  • Alternatively you can select la single entry and delete it from time to time.

Now let's find out the procedure to delete Facebook searches from PC:

  • Log in a Facebook from site
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Entering the home page you will find in high a left in white la search bar
  • By tapping on it, the search history and the voice clear searches
  • Doing tap su Clear searches you will eliminate the same all together.

As you may have noticed, this is a very simple operation.

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