How to clear Google Chrome web activity automatically

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Google Chrome gives you the option to automatically clear your internet activity history instead of waiting for you to remember to delete them yourself.

Automatically delete Google Chrome web activity data

Go to your Google account. If you don't know where it is, go to yours from the web and click on your profile photo in the top right corner of the page and click on Google Account.

Click in Privacy and personalization on the link Manage your data and personalization highlighted in blue. Here make sure the section on the left is selected Data and personalization.

Scroll down through the page that opens until you see the section Activity management and click on its link Use task manager.

The tab you are interested in to automatically clear Chrome history is the first Web and app activity here click on Manage Activities.

On this page you will find the entry The activity is retained until you manually delete it below in blue you will see the link Choose to delete automatically click it.

You will now see the settings to automatically delete your browsing data.

  • Keep until I delete manually: in this way the data of your Internet activities are stored on Google's servers until you decide to log in personally and delete them.
  • Keep for 18 months: this option retains data on servers for a period of one and a half years. Data older than this time will be automatically deleted at the end of 18 months.
  • Keep for 3 months: exactly like the previous option, only this time your data is stored on the servers for 3 months, after which it is deleted from the servers.

Click on the option you want and then hit Next. You will be shown a page explaining the effects of choosing to automatically delete your data.

Press Confirm and a page will appear indicating that your new preference has been saved. All your data beyond the selected time limit will now be removed automatically.

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