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How to color the writings on Facebook

Facebook it has long been one of the best known and most used social networks, but precisely because it is among the most famous, it always tries to offer users a user experience that has gradually seen many improvements and changes, today it even offers the possibility of doing live shows, that is to communicate directly to your friends what you are doing.

For some time, the way of doing things has also changed post un post, with the addition of nice stickers and the possibility of coloring the writings, but how do you do this last thing? In this guide we'll see how to color the writing on Facebook

How to color the writing on Facebook: Steps

First of all we remind you that Facebook it's a application available for devices Android ed iOS and for pc Windows e Mac, if you don't have it on yours smartphone o tablets you can download it for free from Playstore ed Apple store, or connect to the site directly from PC.

Let's see how to color the writing on Facebook da smartphone:

  • Open the App di Facebook
  • In Home page appears under yours photo the space on which to write a post, click and you will see that a series of colored squares will appear below the space to write
  • Fate tap sul colore that more there like it and here it is post will colored.

Now let's see how to color the writings on Facebook from PC.

  • Connect to the site enter yours credentials di accesso
  • In home page under la your photo a rectangle with the will appear scritta What are you thinking about?
  • Fate do you tap? to write a post and here under what you type there will be gods colored squares
  • Tap on it a of them of your choice and lo and behold what you have written will appear with one underneath colorful background.

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