How to compress images with Google Squoosh

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How to compress images with Google Squoosh. There are many services and apps that you can use for compress images and even Google has one called Squoosh.

Compress images with Squoosh

Squoosh works in your browser and can also work offline. The app supports OptiPNG, MozJPEG, WebP, Browser PNG, Browser JPEG e Browser WebP. You can use it in any web browser.

 Squoosh and add the image you want to compress. Once the image is added, you need to select the format you want to convert it to after compression.

You should know that both JPEG and WebP are lossy formats. Each format has its own compression settings that you can customize.

When you add an image, the app displays it on two panes. The left pane shows the original image and the right pane shows the image after applying compression. You can click and drag the image to view other parts of it after compressing. To select the compression format, open the menu at the bottom left and under the Compress section open the drop-down menu. In addition to converting and compressing an image, you can also resize it and reduce its color palette. Reducing the color palette will obviously produce a less sharp image.

The checkbox at the bottom left will show you how much the file size has been reduced. To download the compressed image, click the download button at the bottom of the checkbox on the right.

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