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How to contact Facebook

Facebook in recent years it has become one of the most famous social networks, initially used and born to find old friends, it has become a very useful tool for promoting companies and advertising. Precisely for this reason it offers various solutions, free and paid. Things don't always go smoothly and you may need to receive assistance, sometimes just to report abusive posts or issues on your account.

With this practical guide we explain to you how to contact Facebook.

How to contact Facebook: Steps

Premise, Facebook è impossible da raggiungere phone, so beware, you will never find a telephone number for assistance. In any case, the social network makes available in the appropriate section -> settings–> Service messages (with the lifebuoy symbol) a series of options that contain solutions to most common problems solved by other users.

If you don't find your problem, just go to the home page and click on symbol of Question mark top right (?) here you can write your question, but also report offensive content for example.

Alternatively you have the option of contacting the service center reachable here, the page is very well done and offers several informationi relating to the management of one's own account.

If the problem is with one company page or rather the adverts for a fee we advise you to visit the dedicated page, the page is divided into categories and full of suggestions.

Finally, we point it out as a last option because it is the one that has the longest response times, there is the support forum, also here you will find questions and answers already formulated by other users and perhaps the solution to your problem.

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