How to create a Facebook Group | Simplified guide

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How to create a Facebook group to share your content

A Facebook group allows you to share photos, videos and any conversation only with whoever you want.
Thanks to it, you will be able to interact with a small circle of people without others being able to see what you are sharing.

Groups are important to forge professional relationships and to launch a new commercial initiative but also to share your passion with other users.
If you don't know how to create a Facebook group you just have to follow this short guide.

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Steps to create a Facebook group

create a Facebook group the very first thing to do is to connect on Facebook, of course we assume you are logged in. If not, then log in by entering your username and password.
Well, now click on the triangle icon located at the top right and press on the writing Create A Group.

Then type the name you want to assign to the group in the text field placed under the heading Name the group, then select the users you want to include by typing either their names or their email address. At this point select one of the privacy settings available to decide who will be able to view the posted content: Public group or Closed group.

Click the blue button Crea and then select an icon that can identify the latter and click on the blue OK button.
You just have to interact with your friends by posting your content

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