How to create a free website contact form with Google Forms

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How to create a free website contact form with Google Forms. Google offers a perfect solution for creating contact forms on your website.

If you want to insert a contact form on your website and don't want to use external plug-ins you can use the free Google Forms service.

Let's see how to create a free contact form for your website with Google.

How to create a free website contact form with Google Forms

Creation of the contact form in Google Forms

Google offers a form "Contact info" pre-created in the template gallery when you first log into the.

The form requires standard information such as name, address, telephone number, email address and a field where the user can type their messages.

You can customize this form by changing the information you want to request by pressing the + button on the right in the bar.

You can also change whether this information is mandatory or not.

Se not required , the user can leave the field blank. Self is required , the user cannot submit the form until they have entered something in that field.

Now that you've customized the content of the Google contact information template to your needs, it's time to customize the behavior of the form when users actually use it.

Contact form setup

If you click on the icon Settings , in the tab information Generali , you can control how this form behaves when users submit it from your website.

For example, you can have the form send a duplicate of the user's responses to the email address provided.

You can also enable or disable their ability to edit their replies after they've sent them.

Under the tab Introduction , you can customize the response that users will see after submitting the form on your website.

Find the embed code to insert it on the site

Now that your form is ready, it's time to put it on your site.

The first step is to get the embed link for your form. It is not very simple, because there is no embedded icon displayed directly on the form editor page.

To access the embed code, you need to click the button Send at the top right of the form editor.

Pressing on the left and right arrows symbol at the top the page shows the embedded HTML code that you will have to copy and paste on your site. It is important to set the correct width and height settings here so that the embedded module fits well on the landing page.

Once entered you will be able to see all the responses to the form in the responses section of the form.

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