How to create a second Facebook account

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Have you decided to open another account on the most used social network in the world because the first profile created has already reached the maximum number of friends? If this or other reasons push them to do it, but you don't know how to create a second Facebook account then this guide will help you do it quickly and easily.

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How to create a second Facebook account

The first thing to do if you mean create a second account on Facebook is to go to the home page of the social network, using google Chrome and typing the address in the browser bar.

If you are already logged in, immediately disconnect from your account: to do so, just click on the arrow at the top right and press on the item Go out.

Perfect, now fill out the registration form that is presented to you in front of you (as you did for your first account) by typing your name, surname, email or telephone number.
After entering the password with which you intend to access Facebook, your date of birth and your gender, click on the green button Subscribe.

Clearly remember to enter a different email address than the one you use for your other Facebook profile.

Well, now you just have to enter the confirmation code you received either by email or by SMS and click on the button Continues.

How to create a second Facebook account. Conclusions

At this point you will have created your second Facebook account.
If you have other doubts write us a comment!

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