How to create a supergroup on Telegram

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How do you create a supergroup on Telegram?

Do you have an account on Telegram and have you decided to create a new group to manage it as you see fit? If you don't know how to create a supergroup on Telegram you are in the right place: this guide will help you do it step by step.

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Proceedings for how to create a supergroup on Telegram

First, if you want to create a supergroup on Telegram, do the login al social.

Well, now click on the button with three horizontal lines, located at the top left: a window will always appear on the left, go to the item New Group. At this point, also select the people you want to add from your contacts and select the checkmark ✓ to continue.

Type the name you want to give to the group and tap the ✓ check mark again to create your group. Press the name of the group and go to the button with three dots at the top right and click on the entry Convert to Supergroup. 
Click again on first Convert to supergroup and then Ok, bearing in mind that the conversion from group to supergroup is irreversible.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a Supergroup on public Telegram, press on the name and press the gear icon and then go to the item Manage group: insert the check mark next to the item Public to change the supergroup type.

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