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You are looking for a guide that explains you how to create a playlist on youtube? Very well, here we are! In this tutorial we give you all the information to carry out this simple operation. Through our instructions you will not have any problems: with a few easy steps you will succeed in your intent. Take a few minutes of your free time and read what we have to say: happy reading!

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How to create a playlist on YouTube

Le YouTube playlist are collections of videos that may or may not have a theme or a topic in common. Grouping videos within a single location can make sense for several reasons: for example, if you are a simple user, you can always have the videos that you think are most interesting or important at your fingertips. If, on the other hand, you have a channel, you can simplify the viewing of your content by putting it in a real ordered list.

In both cases you will have the possibility to access the videos of greatest interest in a simple and fast way. That said, now I bet you are wondering with great curiosity how to create a playlist on youtube. So no delay: let's go!

Procedure to PC

The operations of creating a playlist can be carried out through PC, smartphone and tablet, but we will first analyze the procedure from a computer, because it is the one we recommend, as we can have a larger display and a keyboard. This makes everything easier and faster. First, open any video on the platform, then scroll the cursor under the video and click on the icon with the three vertical lines flanked by the + symbol.

Now a drop-down menu will open with all the YouTube playlists you have created (if you ever have actually created one in the past as an experiment), but above all you will see the entry "Create new playlist". Click on this button and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen that opens.

Once the playlist has been created, you can add new videos: to do this, follow the same path we have indicated in this paragraph, but instead of clicking on "Create new playlist", select the one you have just created, or click on the three vertical dots that appear next to the thumbnails of the videos not playing and choose "Add to playlist".

Procedure to smartphone

It changes little or nothing compared to what we told you in the previous paragraph. The only thing you need to do more is download the YouTube app from the Play Store (if you have an Android smartphone) or from the App Store (if you have an iPhone) and download the application.

Once this is done, open the YouTube app and log in through your Google account. Once logged into your profile, the operations to be carried out will be the same as those we have listed above.

How to edit a playlist on YouTube

Once you have created the playlist, you may want to change something: the titles, the descriptions, reorder videos, choose the one you want to set as a thumbnail, delete movies and much more. In short, editing a selection of content you just grouped is important. To do this you must first go to your YouTube profile by clicking on the account image at the top right, scroll the screen until you find the section dedicated to playlists and choose the one you would like to modify.

On the right you will see a pencil icon: click on it, by doing so you will go to the screen dedicated to editing the playlist. Among the various functions that you can use there is also the one related to the caption, which can be added. Not only that: you will be allowed to drag a video to change the order of the content being played, but also change the title of the playlist. Great, isn't it?

How to make a playlist on YouTube: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to change a playlist on youtube. We have also dedicated a paragraph to the changes to be made to it, which are as important as its creation. Below we leave you some articles that may interest you.

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