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Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram… did you know that now you can also create posts on Youtube? Yes, I really mean it!
Are you curious and do not know how it goes? Well, then keep reading and at the end of the guide you will know how to create a post on Youtube. The operation is really simple and takes just a few minutes. Well, let's go.

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How to create a Youtube post

Can't wait to get started?
Read on and at the end of the article you will know how to do it. In the meantime, make sure you have your credentials at hand, I remind you that they are the same ones you use to access your Google account. Ready? Well, let's go!

To be able to publish your post on Youtube, you must first have your profile enabled for the Community: this means that you must have a youtube channel with content and with more than 1000 subscribers. Also make sure you have the custom layout active. If not, open Youtube from your computer, click on your channel icon at the top right and click on "My channel". Then select "Customize channel".

Once you have verified that you have these requirements or that you have proceeded to customize your channel, connect to the Youtube site, then click on the camera button with + symbol and in the menu that opens, click on "Create post".
At this point, a text box will open at the top, where you can write what you want.
In addition to the text, you can also add photos or GIFs to the post by choosing the option you want from the relative buttons. Once you have finished your post, click on the "Public".

Create posts with photos and GIFs

If you want to create a post with images or GIFs, all you have to do is click on the icon representing a landscape . You will be prompted to upload the content from your computer. Select then the content you want to upload and then confirmation. I also remind you that the content you upload must be your own, otherwise you could commit copyright infringement.

Create posts with videos

If you want to create video posts instead, you have to click on the symbol representing a ribbon There are several options you can follow:

  • upload your video from the channel
  • search for a video from Youtube
  • paste the video link

Create a post with a poll

If you want to create a post with a poll, you have to click on the button representing the linesIn this case, in the text field must enter the question you want to ask. In the field "add option" you have to enter the answers that can be given.

If you need more fields because you have more answers, click on "add another option"

Finally, remember that survey options cannot exceed 65 characters

Create a test post for iPhone

To create a post from your Apple device, the procedure is the same as the one we saw from the computer. Therefore, open Youtube on your Iphone and verify that you are logged in with your credentials. Therefore:

  • Tap the "Crea“, The one with the camera
  • Select "Post"
  • In the field enter what you want and then tap "Public"

Create a post with a photo or GIF for iPhone

Here, too, the procedure is the same as on a computer. Therefore:

  • Click on the button "Crea"
  • Select "Post"
  • Tap the button with the landscape to add a photo
  • Choose the photo from your Iphone and then upload it.

Once the image is loaded, click on the "Public"

Create a video post on iPhone

  • Go to the video you want to share
  • Tap the "Share“, The one with the arrow

Select "Create post"By writing your message and then clicking on"Public"

Well now you know how to create a Youtube post. Do you want to follow all our other guides? Then don't forget to keep following us and subscribe to our newsletter!

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